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We know downtime is expensive, and we don’t want you waiting for something unnecessarily.

GeoForm International is proud to make the claim that we have all of the parts for every machine we’ve ever produced on the shelf, for shipment today. We will do everything in our power to make sure your needs are a top priority and a solution is en route, even if it means people. Advice, troubleshooting, and diagnosis are all available by phone or in person.

Our facilities are likewise available for your ongoing needs, as some of the engines in the field are exceeding their life cycles, we are here for all aspects of support including re-powers and rebuilds.

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"I have been impressed with our Dino6 dredge. It delivers on the promises of ease, portability, and the GeoForm tubes have less environmental impact on the sites dredged. The website and onsite training was well worth the time."

Kent Tarbutton - T&T Legacy, LLC

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