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For many facilities, from golf courses to marinas, it’s more convenient and cost-effective to rent a dredge rather than purchase one. We have partnered with Midwest Pumping Resources to provide affordable dredge rental solutions.  Through this partnership, we’re able to offer a complete fleet of Dino 6 dredges available to rent throughout the U.S.

Use a Dino 6 dredge for clearing sediment from the bottom of your water source or removing scum from the top. When you need a small dredge, trust GeoForm International and Midwest Pumping Resources to get you a Dino 6 rental.

Dino 6 Dredge Rentals Near You

For small-scale sediment removal projects, trust the Dino 6. The portable dredge, which only weighs 3,800 pounds, accesses sediment lagoonspondsmarinaslakes and a variety of other environments with zero hassle. You can remove sludge with the Dino 6 as well. With a Dino 6 rental, your team can also ease concerns over damaging your shoreline or landscape, as the Dino 6 doesn’t leave tracks or damage behind.

The Dino 6 has a 6-inch submersible pump that can capture large debris without becoming damaged. It also has a smaller environmental impact than other dredges because it is lightweight and compact. It has less impact and damage at launch as a result.

Midwest Pumping Resources has dredge rentals for the Dino 6 with several options, too, including the following:

  • Trailer with Pipe Rack: You can rent this trailer, which comes with a custom pipe rack. The size and format allow you to put the Dino 6 and discharge pipe on the same trailer. You can also easily remove the rack.
  • Cutter Head Wheels: You can use cutter head wheels with your Dino 6 rental for use inside lined lagoons.
  • Paddle Bar: This attachment goes onto the machine for demanding applications when you need to get through tough materials.
  • Polymer Mixer Box: You can get this box for polymer injection mid discharge. Depending on your needs, you might opt for the box alone or add an automatic pressure sensor.
  • Bimini Top: We can provide a canvas shade top for your dredge to help you find shelter from sun, rain and other elements.
  • Closed Impeller: Your dredge rental will have impellers that help transfer energy. Closed ones work best for pumping sludge and slurry that does not have much vegetation, trash or other debris.
  • Boom Extender: You can increase the depth of the Dino 6 cutting abilities by up to 2 feet with a boom extender.
  • Standard Floating Discharge Package: This set comes with all the pipe assemblies, adapters, discharge hose assemblies and clamps you need.
  • Travel Package: This package contains slings, clips, an aircraft cable, stakes and pullers to alleviate travel concerns.
  • Manifold Components: Extra discharge pieces will allow you to pump into more than one GeoTube.

About Midwest Pumping Resources

GeoForm International and Midwest Pumping Resources are in close proximity, resulting in the ideal partnership for the pumping industry. We believe in what Midwest Pumping Resources aims to achieve, which is why we’ve partnered with them to provide small dredge rentals.

If you’re interested in learning more about our partnership with Midwest Pumping Resources, contact us today, or visit their site at

Rent a Dino 6 Small Dredge for Your Next Job

No matter why you need the Dino 6 dredge, our partnership with Midwest Pumping Resources is here to help. You’ll have access to an affordable rental and several additional options when you need them most. 

GeoForm International was founded in 1998 to start developing pumping and dredging equipment. Our Dino 6 dredges are made in the United States at our machine shop, Jackson Specialities. We ensure each item we release for sale and rental is durable and high-quality.

If you need Dino 6 rentals for your golf course, marina or neighborhood pond, get in touch with GeoForm International today. We will assist you with finding dredge rental services from our reliable partner, Midwest Pumping Resources.


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"Everyone at GeoForm International was very patient and knowledgeable. I researched the Dino6 extensively and had lots of questions that Richard was more than willing to spend time to answer. They were very welcoming when I visited their facility as well."

John Growney - Growney Grading Co

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